Monday, April 15, 2013


Miriam Yeung after winning Best Actress returns to be a good mother
Sammi Cheng ignores the storm, leisurely eats and prepares for her Sichuan visit
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Fresh out of the oven Best Actress Miriam Yeung Chin Wa already has the award in her pocket but still had many voices of objection. They felt that her Cherie Yu was just playing herself and described her as the luckiest Best Actress; some even said that the 6 time nominee Sammi Cheng Sau Man's acting was better than hers, and they were upset that she lost to her. However, although they have been described as rivals and even nemeses, but they could not care less about outside speculation or storm after the dust settled. Best Actress Chin Wa continued to be her Mrs. Ting while Sammi not only sincerely congratulated Chin Wa but also let herself go as she leisurely ate and continued to her running in preparation for her Sichuan visit -- a soul cleansing journey.

After accepting everyone's congratulations, fresh out of the oven Best Actress Chin Wa yesterday returned to be a mother, posted a photo with her son online. "I forgot to thank my husband Mr. Ting and lover Jimmy Cheung, of course the most important Little Prince. Thank you for filling me with energy of life. p.s. I got up earlier this morning and continued to be Mama Ting. Ms. Yeung please take a break."

Sammi whose running focused her goals clearly, she revealed online that she will make a visit son. "Very soon I will visit Sichuan, both as a body and soul cleansing and also as a good opportunity for introspection. Staring at the sky, I would ask myself how my days will be spent? How to spend the days even more meaningfully? These visits are often inspirational. I am looking forward to it..." Living more meaningfully is also Sammi's goal, why bother with the competition of the day?

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