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Charlie Yeung declines Aaron Kwok's request for her to wear a bikini to celebrate box office success
Is Charlie Yeung's wish for CHRISTMAS ROSE to be a box office hit?
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) ended their 7 year relationship for just half a month, but they have already returned to form. Over the past dozen days or so, Sing Sing was asked about his break up with Lynn and rumors of "third party" Christine Kuo. He went from being down, upset to raging, but yesterday when he promoted CHRISTMAS ROSE (SING DAN MUI GWAI) he was in good spirits as he often flirted with Charlie Yeung Choi Nei. Freedom is truly joyous!

Sing Sing presented a rose birthday cake to the May birthday girl Yeung Choi Nei, who will turn 39 on May 23rd -- the film's opening day. Sing Sing wished for her to win the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Director with her directing debut. "Although I wasn't nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award, I still wish her well." Was not being nominated a huge setback? Sing Sing cracked up and said, "I don't worry about the past. I too want to be a film director. Will I win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor before directing? You can't calculate that, I won't win! I am better off keeping my feet on the ground and work."

Yeung Choi Nei did not ask Sing Sing to charge less for salary, he even got a raise because of his low salary. "I too made a lot of sacrifice, turning down other jobs, smoking for the movie and even got pneumonia from a water scene. The most regrettable was the director didn't put on a bikini and get into the water with me." He suggested that if the film would be a huge box office hit, Yeung Choi Nei would wear a bikini to thank the viewers who he would take photos.

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