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With the new record set, Choi Yat Kit appears in support of Chan Suk Fun
Gor fans are happy to set the largest origami crane exhibition record with Leslie Cheung's birth date
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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Gor Gor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, the Miss You Much Exhibition at the Causeway Bay Times Square invited Gor fans to fold origami cranes together to break the world record. Although they have already reached the world record, Gor fans would like to reach their idol's birth date number the most to make it even more meaningful. Thus, the event organizer Chan Suk Fun yesterday again invited the Guinness Book of World Records officials to certify the latest figure and announce that the event successfully made a new record of 1,956,921 origami cranes for the larges origami crane exhibition record. Gor fans' wishes have been fulfilled as the world witnessed their love for Gor Gor; yesterday Choi Yat Kit also showed his support in person.

Mrs. Chan pointed out that Gor fans were very pleased to set a new Guinness record with Gor Gor's birth date of 1,956,912 origami cranes, the other 80,000 to 90,000 extra cranes were not counted. After the exhibition ends on May 1, all of the origami cranes will be transported to Po Fook Shan to be offered to Gor Gor.

At the event, Mrs. Chan also spoke about a magazine's claim that she made over 20 million on the series of Gor Gor memorial events. She said, "The artists were very smart, and behind them were managers and record companies. If I really did this, they must know to charge me. Thank you (Vivian) Chow Wai Man, (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai, Choi Yat Chi, Choi Yat Kit, (Karen) Mok Man Wai, all told me not to mind the gossip. They all performed with their hearts as a gift to Gor Gor. Fans put a lot of efforts into these few memorial events for Gor Gor, the media should not gauge good intention and love with money."

She also said that the numbers have been done for the events but she did not need to announce them. How much money would be donated? She said, "Whether we made or lost money, we would donate to continue Gor Gor's charitable spirit. I stipulated that they were commercial events, I never sold them as charity shows to make money. I never even announced the artist list to tell people to buy tickets." The reports did not upset her.

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