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The 62 year old Gordon Liu
Amy and Aunt bring cake which Gordon Liu gives a thumbs up for
Gordon Liu asks Amy Fan to take care of his nails before taking photos
Aside from Maw Stew, the hospital also provides a well balanced meal.  Gordon Liu's diet is very light
Gordon Liu visits her sister Teresa before the stroke
Last September with assistance from his niece Gordon Liu stood up.  He published a notice in November to leave all matters for lawyers to handle in order to recover in peace.
Gordon Liu starred in KILL BILL as the leader of the Crazy 88s and Pai Mei
Gordon Liu at age 23 in THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN
Amy Fan jokes that she relies on her mouth as a guardian.  Aside from assistance from friends, she appreciates the medical personnel that provide the best care to Gordon Liu
In September Gordon Liu had more mobility and expression
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Martial art star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai, originally named Sin Kam Hei) in August 2011 suffered a stroke and hemiplegia for 1 year and 8 months. Lau Ka Fai needed long term therapy, once he showed signs of improvement as he stood up with a crutch. On January 7, he was hospitalized for cramps. Lau Ka Fai's son Sin Chun Lung who Lau Ka Fai declined to see in early March contacted the police about his missing father. The original guardian Eva was suddenly changed to Amy Fan Yik Man; Lau Ka Fai and Eva's money trouble involved over HK$1 million; Lau Ka Fai was also rumored to be unconscious, comatose, or even dead. Fan Yik Man in order to end the rumors and put his family and friends at ease arranged for an interview with Lau Ka Fai.

Two days ago in the afternoon Fan Yik Man accompanied reporters to visit Lau Ka Fai at a hospital. He stayed in a single room with 24 hour private nurse service. The reporter in September met with Lau Ka Fai twice. At the time his speech and mobility was better than two days ago. Now his weight is only 120 some pounds. Only 62 this year, he under the torment of illness became very old.

Fan Yik Man said that Lau Ka Fai personally agreed to speak with the reporter. He knew that he needed to appear in person to put his friends and fans at ease. This time would be Lau Ka Fai's final media interview. He only wanted to recover in silence. Before the interview he was so nervous that he did not sleep the night before. From now on any rumor about Lau Ka Fai, Fan Yik Man pointed out that she did not want to repeatedly respond to untrue events. She hoped to have proof for everything and resolve matters in court.

On the day of the interview, Fan Yik Man's friend bought maw stew for Lau Ka Fai. When the reporter arrived he was having the stew. When greeted he nodded in response. With Lau Ka Fai's permission, he even made a pose for the reporter to take photos and put a smile on his face. Later he saw cake and signaled that he wanted dessert first. When he had enough he would push it away. Fan Yik Man talked to him and trimmed his nails. In 18 minutes he appeared to be very carefree.

When the reporter suggested for the interview to start, he became very nervous and had to be changed. The reporter could only retreat from the room for the nurses to clean him up before the interview. Because he had difficulties with language expression, he would only nod or shake his head in response to the reporter's questions. To avoid adding pressure to him in front of a camera, during the interview no photo was taken.

The reporter began with "Are you happy now?" He nodded. "Do you want Eva to return your money to you?" He nodded again. "Fan Yik Man is your guardian, is it your wish?" He also nodded. "Are you happy about Fan Yik Man taking care of you?" He nodded. "Do you want to see anyone else?" He shook his head. "Do you want to see your family?" He again nodded. "Do you want to see your niece?" He nodded. "Do you want to see your wife and children?" He frowned and expressed frustration, waved his hand to send the reporter away.

The psychiatrist suggested asking other questions first so he would be calmer. Yet Lau Ka Fai already signaled that he wanted to sleep and appeared to be somewhat in pain. The interview could only end. Fan Yik Man comforted him not to worry, the interview was to put people who care about him at ease. Before the reporter retreated from the room he bid him farewell. Lau Ka Fai also waved in response.

The reporter contacted Lau Ka Fai's former guardian Eva. Last night she responded and said that she was not at liberty to speak now. At a suitable time she would contact the reporter again.

Fan Yik Man on January 10 officially became Lau Ka Fai's guardian, which she described as "picking up after him" as many Lau Ka Fai problems had to be handled; she even tolerated a lot of outside speculations. After explaining clearly from the beginning to the end in this interview she would not discuss the matter any more. Ultimately she was an actor, she would like to be interviewed about her performance work and not Brother Ka Fai's family dispute.

Amy during the interview displayed a document from Lau Ka Fai's older sister from August 2012, stating that she lived in the U.S. and Ka Fai's four children were unable to take care of their father, thus she and Eva became her brother's guardian to handle his matter. In addition a law firm informed Lau Ka Fai's children and wife that when they visit Lau Ka Fai a lawyer would accompany them. No one was keeping the children from seeing their father and no one needed to report their father as missing to the police. Otherwise only Brother Ka Fai and people who cared about him would be disturbed.

Since Lau Ka Fai's stroke the subject has revolved around his wealth. Currently his monthly hospital bill reached HK$100,000. Amy said that Lau Ka Fai's wealth was not enough to set up a trust fund. Even Brother Ka Fai's lawyer friend suggested against a "guardian" without 10 million because a lot was already spent on lawyer cost. She took over the guardian role only due to a lawyer friend volunteering his assistance. She admitted that the HK$10,000 monthly medical expense was burning money, but the patient still was conscious, even if the recovery process has not been ideal why not let him live happier in a better environment? He made the money, not borrowed or stole it. Now his money could not "burn" any longer. In the future he will have to leave the hospital. She hoped to arrange for him to recover in a better environment, which would required a lot of money.

Amy heard people accusing her of hogging the guardian spot and that she wanted to fight for something. She said, "I am really fighting, I am fighting for what Ka Fai asked, for the money that he should have." She said that former assistant Eva still has not returned over HK$1 million that she was "safekeeping". She would take legal action. As for Lau Ka Fai's Thai wife once asked Brother Ka Fai to loan HK$300,000. At the time the Thai property was the collateral . After the deadline passed the debt was not paid and had to be handled as well. She said that she would follow up if the money could cover Brother Ka Fai's future medical expense. As for his property that was worth HK$8 million, when needed she would consider selling it or mortgaging it to the bank.

After the stroke Lau Ka Fai has always been very hard working. He hoped to recover, but he also knew about his own condition and thus has made plans for the worst. Earlier in front of his lawyer, doctor and witnesses he made out his will. Amy was one of the witnesses. She could not reveal the content of the will but she was a witness. Thus anything in the will was unrelated to her.

Amy said that Brother Ka Fai still loved his two children with his Thai wife. Currently he did not have any ability to make money but still provided insurance for his children. He was unwilling to see them because he wanted to return this past handsomeness and health before they meet. He had no hatred for his children. Every family has its problems, she as a guardian only hoped that his family would understand. For his son wanted to know about his father's condition, he could call his aunt, family or friends instead of going to the police.

Amy personally handled Lau Ka Fai's affairs. As for this interview, the reporter received her notice at 4AM. Because of her effort, some questioned the reason behind her hogging the guardian spot. Was it for profit? She said that Brother Ka Fai after his stroke once rented a Mongkok apartment. When she visited, Brother Ka Fai tearfully asked her for help. The reason for the guardian switch was Ka Fai's sister told her that Brother Ka Fai felt unhappy and thus hoped Amy would take over his care. Brother Ka Fai's friend questioned why would she get to be the guardian? She asked if the friend was willing to take this job, but the friend claimed not to have time. She said, "Someone suspected that I got some advantage for helping Lau Ka Fai. This question is like asking what advantage would offering a seat to the elder bring? Luckily friends who helped me didn't ask me if I had any advantage from helping Lau Ka Fai. They are lawyers, professionals, when the situation has reached this stage, do you still ask for advantages?" Amy said that after the incident took place in January, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling also expressed their concern and met with her for an understanding of the situation; the Performing Artist Guild has also mentioned if he needed any help. However, other truly could not help with Brother Ka Fai's family matter.

Two days ago when the reporter visited Lau Ka Fai, Fan Yik Man arranged for a psychiatrist to go along; the doctor asked for confidentiality to avoid any misunderstanding that he was promoting himself. In recent months he evaluated Lau Ka Fai's condition and intelligence because Lau Ka Fai had to handle a lot of important legal documents. He was an independent witness.

According to the doctor, when he met with Lau Ka Fai in September, his body was in better condition as he was able to speak and sit in a wheel chair. After a few months, when they met again in January, his condition has deteriorated as he needed to stay in bed. At the time he had no response to others, did not want to acknowledge others, unwilling to communicate and almost has given up on himself. The hospital was prepared to intubate him but everyone tried to encourage him. They spent a long time before they were able to get him to eat something. Fan Yik Man said that when the nurse saw that he was willing to eat, when the nurse called her the nurse was moved to tears.

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