Friday, April 26, 2013


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The open minded and optimistic Kabby Hui Nga Ting recently worked on her first film. In the LONELY FIFTEEN (LAN MUI JAI) 2013 version WHAT'S UP GIRL (MEI GAU SIU NUI) she played Irene Wan Bik Ha's rebellious daughter. Only 18 she got such an opportunity for her first time. With only a week to study the screenplay, Kabby was so nervous that she lost sleep. Luckily she had "mother" Wan Bik Ha's advice. "Sister Irene said that she picked me because I was 'kid' enough. In the film we always argued. At first I didn't dare to and she told me to just relax and yell at her!" Kabby said that Wan Bik Ha treated her like her own daughter the entire time and even gave her a massage. She praised her as a super nice person.

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