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Gallen Leung cannot hide his joy as a new father
Sophie Su yesterday morning before going to the hospital for the delivery posted her big belly photo online.
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Congratulations to Gallen Law Ka Leung and his wife Sophie Su Yan on becoming new parents! Law Ka Leung's wife, Mainland star Su Yan yesterday gave birthday to a daughter in Hong Kong. The baby girl weighs 7.4 pounds and is named Sela, which means rock in Hebrew and contains both her mother's Chinese and English name. Ka Leung even held the baby for media photos. Even though Ka Leung who was full of facial hair kissed her twice the baby did not cry.

Ka Leung yesterday took the interview alone. He insisted against revealing the time of his daughter's birthday and accurate weight. He said, "My wife gave birth in the afternoon, I won't say when; it's not like we are picking a lucky time. This time was cesarean and went very smoothly. My wife was very brave. With only a half body anesthesia she was conscious when she gave birth. The baby's weight is around 7.3 or 7.4. Everyone can write 7 pound something. No Chinese name yet, the English name is Sela. My wife saw it once, coincidentally it had the letter S and the meaning of rock. We thought it was very perfect!"

He revealed that his wife was very happy and touched, the most touched was the moment when the baby was born and hearing her voice. Ka Leung said with a face full of joy, "The baby cried pretty fast, as soon as she was born she was looking around. The doctor also said that her eyes were wide open when she was born and her eyes were very big! Who do I feel the baby resemble? Probably more like my wife, the nose is like my mine, the eyes and the mouth are like my wife's. At the moment of birth everyone was very touched, both of us cried. Did I cut the umbilical cord? Yes, my hand didn't shake because I had experience. I cut my son's too. The nurse even taught where to cut to avoid pain. How would I reward my wife? I feel love is the best! Any plan to have another? This has to be discuss further, we haven't decided."

Ka Leung earlier was caught smoking around the pregnant Su Yan. Did he quit smoking for the baby? He did not give a certain answer and said that if he would quit he would naturally quit. For now he would go further. In addition the paparazzi only caught this and nothing else. Will mother and daughter remain in Hong Kong to rest? Ka Leung said, "We will stay in the hospital for 5 days, then return to Shenzhen for the postpartum period. We don't have to worry about H7N9, earlier we went there to check it out and already found a very good postnatal center. We should be fine. It's very large scale and Hong Kong doesn't have one. Will powdered milk be a problem? Powdered milk, baby carriage, all have been sponsored. Now we are negotiating diapers. We also have friends constantly go to the Mainland and we would ask friends to help with the powdered milk. Everything will be legally done."

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