Sunday, April 28, 2013


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Sam Hui performs MERCILESS NIGHT COLD WIND with his late brother Ricky Hui
Sam Hui asks fans if his grandsons are cute
Sam Hui gives a fan a kiss as requested
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Sam Hui Koon Kit two nights ago performed a concert in Macau. He was so excited that he left the stage twice to be close to the fans. As usual he graciously gave female fans kisses as requested.

In his 60s, Sam not only continued to wear leopard print clothing and stage decorations but also paired his hits with current events and entertainment news to poke fun at politicians and artists. He even displayed many family photos and asked fans if his two grandsons were cute.

Sam reserved a special segment to remember his friends and family. He first performed WHO CAN RELATE in memory of his friend Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing; he said that they have worked together on many movies. During the shoots they would chat. He praised that although he did not know music he could come up with melody in his head. later he played some videos of Ricky Hui Koon Ying and sang a duet MERCILESS NIGHT COLD WIND with him. Sam said with some sorrow, "Life truly is unexpected, here I am reminded of my favorite brother Hui Koon Ying. He has already passed for 17 months. We used to share the stage constantly. Our had many beautiful memories. I miss him very much!"

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