Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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Sammie Yu injures her left palm from missing a step on the stairs while carrying her daughter, luckily her daughter is unharmed and husband Ronald Cheng applies first aid.
Ronald Cheng has difficulty sleeping from all the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor excitement
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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Susan Shaw Yam Yam appeared on a Cable program interview. He said that after resting two or three days he already has settled down. After winning the award he was too excited to sleep. His wife Sammie Yu Sze Man was very nervous before hand and spent a lot of time to match his clothes. Shaw Yam Yam did not win Best Supporting Actress, and many fans felt she deserved better. She supported DaDa Chan Jing's acting as very touching. "She had different variations in each scene, as soon as I saw her nomination I thought it would go to her." She even revealed, "I had several million in jewelry sponsorship, but Chan Jing wore 20 million in jewelry, even the sponsors felt she had a great chance to win."

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