Monday, April 29, 2013


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Andy Lau says that his mood is much lighter when he sees the giant Rubber Duck.
Andy Lau and the "father" of the duck Florentijin Hofman
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Recently "arriving" in Hong Kong, the 16.5 meter tall giant yellow Rubber Duck has become the talk of the town and attracted many followers. Even Andy Lau Tak Wa longed to find his childhood memory again and thus deliberately discussed schedule with the event for almost two months before the "encounter". Wa Jai even changed his work schedule to accommodate the meeting.

Rubber Duck "father", Dutch concept artist Florentijn Hofman and his crew first inflated Rubber Duck at sea. Yet due to the strong wind recently, they spent a lot of time before the duck landed. Wa Jai immediately appeared to coordinate and even got along famously with "Duck Papa" Hofman as they discussed the production process and the journey. Wa Jai revealed that when he was little he had a rubber duck as well. Thus seeing the duck was like finding his beautiful childhood memory again, only the duck got bigger and he got smaller.

Meeting the duck for the first time, Wa Jai said that he never imagined it to be as gigantic as a cruise ship. With its bright colors, it lightened his mood! He also learned that Rubber Duck symbolized joy and beauty. It has visited different nations and cities to promote the message of joy. It also brought smiles to many different places. At the same time, this exhibition will raise fund for the Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation, which was very meaningful.

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