Friday, April 19, 2013


Christy likes a man who is manly and dares to talk with girls
Christy's ex husbands Glen and Yan Zheng are both tall and handsome
Christy would play with her daughters whenver she has time
Christy is open minded.  Despite turbulence in romance she still is full of self confidence.
Christy Chung's past slimming ad had many men under her spell
Christy earlier starred in THE INCREDIBLE TRUTH with Mainland star Lui Yan
With a Vietnamese heritage, Christy Chung is interested in opening a Vietnamese restaurant
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Actors all hope to have characters with space to demonstrate their abilities, Christy Chung Lai Tai is no exception. However due to her sexy looks and family environment, her image inevitably has been typecast. Earlier she tried the thriller THE INCREDIBLE TRUTH (WAN CHUEN) but he still looked forward to surprising viewers. Christy even wants to open a restaurant and try something new in her career.

"Right now I am waiting for a good character. Many people have approached me and showed me scripts, but I can't find a character that I like. I don't know why I am always asked to play a single mother, haha! I really want to surprise viewers. I have tried many characters yet, I want to perform more emotional characters. I have a lot of life experience, I can play romance, comedy, and action, all of the above would the best!"

"I have been in Beijing for nine years, ultimately the Mainland market is huge. Each mother I would return to Hong Kong to see my friends and buy powdered milk, haha! When my friends know I am in Hong Kong, they would plan a lot of activities. I want to come back to Hong Kong more, I really miss Hong Kong! However my children are going to school there, I an already used to life there! Now my goal is to perhaps a Pho shop in Beijing. Actually I have been thinking about it for a long time, now I am still looking for a place. Because of my Vietnamese heritage and I really like Pho, I want to try my hand in the business."

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