Friday, June 4, 2010


Chung Wai Bing (right), her daughter (left), Wai Ying Hung and Joey Man Yi Man also won cash

Meg Lam Kin Ming (right) and her husband (left) celebrate with Wai Ying Hung

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Joyful Mental Health Foundation two nights ago held a banquet to thank 100 volunteers. Volunteer Kara Hui (Wai Ying Hung) also attended. The event even presented a cake to the AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) Best Actress Sister Siu Hung for winning another Best Actress. Sister Siu Hung brought all five awards to pose for pictures with everyone. Founder Meg Lam Kin Ming said that Sister Siu Hung last Saturday came to volunteer, then Monday she won. It was karma.

Sister Siu Hung with AT THE END OF DAYBREAK won five awards. She joked that now she has become "Lady Five". She put her photo with five awards on her microblog to share with friends. Earlier after winning in Guangzhou, her industry friends ran to her room to open champagne and celebrate. Lately she has been busy with ROSY BUSINESS 2 (GUN GOK HIU HUNG ji YI HOI HO CHING). She believed that its actors will celebrate with her at the Television City cafeteria. Sister Siu Hung pointed out that lately she has been in a great mood and even gained back six pounds. She honestly said that she had a connection with the Hong Kong Film Award. That time she wanted it so badly that it became a pressure, so she slimmed down; this time she had no confidence and the award was quite a surprise.

Reporters praised her that since Nick Cheung Ka Fai's six time Best Actor, she was the strongest among actresses since she was able to win five awards with one film. Siu Hung said that Ka Fai attended the Asia Pacific Film Festival but she did not. She said, "Because among actresses I am the strongest in Asia!" Will her next goal be the television best actress? Siu Hung said that people should know their limits. TVB would have a very hard time with tailoring a story for her, instead she had a chance to win Supporting Actress.

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