Friday, June 4, 2010


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Petrina Fung Bo Bo's Cantonese film THE MAGIC CUP (YEH GUONG BUI) yesterday was screened at the Hong Kong Film Archive. Sister Bo Bo who returned from Kuala Lumpur to attend with current husband Yung Siu Chuen and her older son but also a group of friends and loyal fans. Her younger son was absent due to work. Sister Bo Bo got teary eyed twice during her speech as the audience applauded in support.

Sister Bo Bo sighed that since her childhood days, she in a very short time had to experience three stages of entering, exiting and letting go. However she was the happiest that her friends came deliberately in support of her, then she broke down. Although Sister Bo Bo has been in the industry for years and made over 200 films, yesterday was the first time she enjoyed her work at a cinema. Thus she could not hide her excitement but at the same time a little disappointed because her younger son could not attend. She said, "Making a living is hard now, he has a meeting. It's not reasonable for him to miss work, so he can only disappoint Mommy!"

Sister Bo Bo also revealed that later she will publish a memoir but because the required information was all over the place, she hoped to be able to gather everything and start work officially in October. However she expressed that she would not only write about herself but also mention the environment then, because those things made her and made her life more fulfilling. She said that she had individual contacts with fellow Seven Princesses and everyone has been fine.

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