Friday, June 18, 2010


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Stanley Kwan Kam Peng opened a film workshop in Suzhou to make movies. Yesterday he held a press conference and premiered the trailer of his company's first film ENERGY BEHIND THE HEART (YUNG SUM TIU). It was about six young Chinese Opera students from the 30s who traveled through time to the pre World Expo Shanghai and developed with 12 students relationship like masters and disciples and friendship. Ah Kwan invited Carina Lau Ka Ling, Hu Jun and Chiu Nga Chi as guest stars. He hoped to cultivate young people with potentials through the film.

Ah Kwan is planning THE PEONY PAVILION (MAU DAN TING), which is based on the Ming Dynasty opera writer Tang Xianzu's work of the same name. It mixes the modern and the classical styles and costs 50 million RMB.

As for the workshop location, he chose Suzhou because of the area's deep culture and cultural creativity potential. "We will rely on this environment and do our best to promote and develop the film industry."

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