Monday, June 14, 2010


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Mainland Best Actress Gong Li yesterday promoted her new film SHANGHAI in Shanghai. Although her co-star Chow Yun Fat did not appear, she protected him at every turn and even revealed that he would call her "old lady". Fat Gor also personally adjusted lights to shoot photos of her, at the wrap she received a photo collection.

The Gong Li, Chow Yun Fat, John Cusack and Ken Watanabe starred SHANGHAI became a Shanghai film festival focus. Yesterday Gong Li and John Cusack appeared at its press conference. Although Chow Yun Fat did not attend, Gong Li still protected "hubby" at every turn and stated that she and Fat Gor would promote at different locations.

At the press conference, Gong Li shared her experience of working with the three men. Speaking of Fat Gor's absence from Shanghai Film Festival, she said, "He was responsible for the Hong Kong promotion, but he advised me, 'Old lady, don't say anything, don't run around, just properly promote.'" Working with fat Gor for the second time, she praised his professionalism. "He would adjust his own lighting and even said that he would adjust mine. He is also a great photographer and takes many photos. At the wrap he gave everyone a photo collection."

As for John Cusack's impression of Gong Li, he said, "Gong Li is easy to fall for. She is pretty and talented. Like Mona Lisa, the mystery and the power of her on screen performance make people unable to turn away."

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