Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wen Zhang, Kwai Lun-Mei
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Kwai Lun-Mei starred in OCEAN HEAVEN. The always emotional actress took the chance of the film's official release to muster up her courage and watch it at the movies. Although she has read the script before, her eyes still were swollen from crying. She said, "The film is truly touching!"

Earlier the cast including Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Kwai Lun-Mei, Wen Zhang, Zhu Yuanyuan and director Xue Xiaolu worked on a series of promotional stills. Kwai Lun-Mei went to enjoy the film with friends and realized two scenes were cut. "One scene was rather memorable to me. Wen Zhang and I interacted with some gold fishes. Wen Zhang often played with gold fishes. Sometimes I would touch his hand and he would laugh quite shyly. At that time I felt particular close to him."

Although after her pole dance scene was cut Kwai Lun-Mei could not become "gold fish girl", Siu Mei did not mind at all. She felt that the duty of an actress was respecting the film itself. As long as they coordinated with the overall style, how the scenes turned out did not matter.

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