Thursday, June 10, 2010


Deep Ng Ho Hong, Michelle Wai (Si Nga)
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Deep Ng Ho Hong in EX (CHI DOH) guest starred and had a stairway kiss scene with Michelle Wai (Si Nga). Deep joked that this time he came out ahead, as his guest starring scene was the passionate kiss scene. Although he was very familiar with Si Nga, they both were professional actors. Yet during the shoot they were rather hesitating, which was truly embarrassing.

Because Deep normally joked from morning to night, when Si Nga saw his serious face she was not used to it and cracked up laughing. Was Deep afraid that his girlfriend would be jealous from his passionate scene kiss scene? He said that when everyone learned that they had to make more intimate scenes, Si Nga reminded him to inform his girlfriend repeatedly. She asked him for two to three days in a row, nagging Deep until he was sick of her. Si Nga explained nervously, "I am a girl too, I realize that intimate scenes inevitable would inevitably lead to fear of upsetting the girlfriend so I am so nervous. Luckily Si Man is also in the industry and is very understanding. When I realized she doesn't mind I breathed a sigh of relief."

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