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The Louis Koo Tin Lok starred film TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) will soon open. Earlier Goo Jai in an interview expressed that he felt rather difficult and stressed from playing the sniper in the film. Did he want to learn to shoot after the production? He expressed probably not because he was rather busy and rarely had a chance to play. He said, "Actually each bullet costs several bucks. It's very costly spending, a little like burning money. I won't get a gun license."

However, before the shoot Goo Jai received shooting training. He said, "We the actors went to the shooting school. The training was very complete. When I was little I definitely have played with toy guns so I had actual interest. During practice we fired 20 shots one day. Only then did I feel the power of the gun." Goo Jai also excitedly expressed that during the training, he tried many different guns. The rifle was very powerful, its shot could be silent. As for the most memorable scene, he said, "In one scene over a dozen actors fired all at once. I think 500 shots were fired, luckily no accident occurred. Before the shoot we prayed." The film's title was somewhat similar to the Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing starred DOUBLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG). He explained that the two films had no connection.

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