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After playing Ip Man and Chen Zhen, Donnie Yen Chi Tan will again play another historical figure -- "martial art saint" Guan Yu. The film THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN WON CHEUNG) yesterday held its global press conference in Beijing. Some of the cast were announced. Aside from Yen Chi Tan as Guan Yu, Alex Fong Chung Shun will play Liu Bei. Another key figure Cao Cao has been kept until wraps.

Director Felix Chong Man Keung and Alan Mak Siu Fai yesterday led the actors to the press conference. They included Yen Chi Tan, Sun Li, Wang Xuebing, Shao Bing, Wang Bo Chieh, Fong Chung Shun, Zhao Ke, Calvin Li Zonghan, Dong Yong and others. The media were concerned whether Yen Chi Tan resembled Guan Yu. The production pointed out that this production was an interpretation of history and not a character biography. As for how Chi Tan would interpret forcing five passes and slaying six captains as well as Three Kingdoms era action, he pointed out that everyone would know after the film release.

However, Chi Tan expressed that at first he suspected whether he understood the history and feared that he could not play Guan Yu, a character who has contributed so much to history, and that he would ruin the audience's impression of Guan Yu. Thus before making this film he set two requirements for the director. He asked that the director must have never made a costume film so the concept would be new. The second requirement was a top director who was able to assist him in completing the creation of the Guan Yu image. Chi Tan also had a lot of homework to do. Not only research but also chats with the directors to deepen their knowledge, understanding, inquiry and input. He had to feel that he was Guan Yu. Chi Tan expressed that he threw himself into the production as he was at work everyday. Instead when he made IP MAN, he went home everyday.

Mak Siu Fai and Chong Man Keung expressed that this story centered around "Guang Yunchang after falling deep into the Cao camp forced five passed and slew six captains to return to Liu Bei". They would display the Guan Yu in their hearts to the audience. Despite being the "martial art saint", Guan Yu's position far surpassed this title. Because Chinese around the world worshipped Guan Yu, in their hearts Guan Yunchang was already a "god". What would be different between the film's Guan Yunchang and the traditional Lord Guan image? The directors expressed with certainty that in the film Lord Guan would not appear in a green hat. This film was loyal to history and not based on ROMANCE OF THREE KINGDOMS. In ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS Guan Yu was nine feet tall, but that was not the Guan Yu in history. Would Guan Yu appear as "red faced Lord Guan"? They pointed out many people's impressions came from ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS, which also had "red face, white face, black face, yellow face". Each color represented a certain meaning. Red faced Lord Gun represented loyalty. They would not handle the film in this manner.

Sun Li had a part in the film but kept quiet about it. She expressed that this was her second collaboration with Chi Tan. She felt that she was very fortunate to be able to work with Chi Tan, who took great care of everyone. She revealed that in THE LOST BLADESMAN she and Chi Tan would have a misunderstanding. She hated him and sometimes would look down upon him. In addition, the special guest from Guan Yu's hometown, Xian provincial party committee promotional department chief Hu Suping yesterday presented two Guan Yu bronze statues to the production. Reportedly national treasure level bronze statue casting master made the

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