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In the Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) starred film OCEAN HEAVEN he plays an ailing but kind father who has to take care of his autistic son. Yesterday he and a group of autistic students visited Ocean Park's dolphins. Lee Nin Kit expressed that before making this film Heaven played a joke on him, as the doctor suspected that he had a tumor and urged him to immediately stop all of his work for an examination. Luckily it was a false alarm. Lee Nin Kit said, "Just like the father character in the film, I was able to fathom the difficulties that the character in the film faced. I also encourage young people not to give up on life so easily. Lee Nin Kit may be a good fighter but he gets sick too."

Lee Nin Kit expressed that patience and providing a sense of security were the most important in getting along with someone with autism. The film's Mainland release has already brought many viewers to tears. Lee Nin Kit said that he too was touched when he first read the script. Will he watch it with his children? He said, "Definitely, the film's story very simply talks about the relationships between children and parents. Actually my two daughters are very curious about my charity work, as they often would ask where I was going to do good deeds." Will he bring his children to visit? He said, "I have to do it secretly because the media are more passionate."

In addition, OCEAN HEAVEN had a low budget but received help from many celebrities in the industry. Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) performed the theme song for the film. Lee Nin Kit honestly thanked everyone's sincere help.

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