Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lin Chiling, Sun Honglei
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The comedy WELCOME TO SHI MA TOWN earlier released two videos. Leads Sun Honglei and Lin Chiling's crazy kiss scene was unveiled. From the revealed footage, Son Honglei looked vicious as feathers flew all over.

After the daring passion scene in RED CLIFF with Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Lin Chiling this time encountered Sun Honglei and became an old hand. Perhaps under the influence of the film's Lady Chun and her fiery personality, Lin Chiling and Sun Honglei's kiss scene had the feel of "getting it over with". Director Li Weiran expressed that this kiss scene was not in the original script, just a naive scene in which they argued more and more fiercely. However during the production, no matter how hard they argued they seemed to be lacking something. The director then thought of a forced kiss to stop the dispute. Both actors with 100% chemistry demonstrated their kissing abilities and finally the unexpected result was achieved.

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