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The Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Zhou Libo and others starred FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG 2) will open on July 9. Yesterday at its Beijing press conference, Huang Xiaoming not only "expressed his love" on one knee with a pan to the Zhang Jingchu version "Qiuxiang" but also led the other three geniuses in a "grilled chicken wing dance".

At the premiere, the organizer arranged a game when each genius had to make their feelings known to Qiuxiang. The first was Zhou Libo who wanted to win the beauty's heart by defaming Tang Bohu; Chan Pak Cheung not only used his shoddy Putonghua to praised "Qiuxiang" as a heavenly maiden on earth and even sang a Spanish song HISTORIA DE UN AMOR; Yam Yin Chai turned his claim to fame THE GIRL ACROSS THE STREET LOOKS BACK to QIUXIANG ACROSS THE STREET LOOKS BACK. When he recommended himself he also boasted the other three "brothers". Huang Xiaoming only walked toward Zhang Jingchu with the impression that it would be a melodramatic expression, but Huang Xiaoming went down on one knew with a pan in his hand and compared Zhang Jingchu to the "Red" in his heart as he hoped that she would be able to accept him as the "Gray" who lets the old lady hit him all she wanted. The surprising little humor cheered everyone up. Later they sang REUNION in a loving and coordinated fashion.

FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 was described as a "prequel". Speaking of the character of Tang Bohu, Huang Xiaoming honestly said that he would not imitate Stephen Chow Sing Chi's style. "My life motto is not to walk the road that people have walked before, but I have to treat the goals of those before as my own." He hoped that his Tang Bohu would bring surprises to viewers. Huang Xiaoming described Zhang Jingchu as surprising. "This Qiuxiang is very sassy!" Later he explained the term "sassy", "I mean this Qiuxiang is even more sparkling and charming." Huang Xiaoming even revealed that among the Four Great Geniuses Yam Yin Chai and Chan Pak Cheung both had nude scenes. "I feel FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 is even more suitable for female viewers because it has many male nude scenes."

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