Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Stephen Shiu Yuek Yuen yesterday held a press conference and claimed that BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS, a film that his company distributed, only had 56 seconds of drug use scene. In addition, the story did not deliberately glorify the damage of drug use but the Broadcasting Authority gave it a category III rating. Shiu Yuek Yuen stressed that the drug use was handled lighter than films with murder and rape scenes. He said, "Perhaps killing people with a machine gun is less severe? If these crime films have to be banned, then 90% of the movies have to be banned from production."

Shiu Yuek Yuen expressed that he would issue a judicial review against the Broadcasting Authority. He pointed out that film was an art creation, random ban on creativity at the same time smothered freedom of speech. He pointed out that murder could be made into a movie, but drug scene could not be shown. The principle was absurd. Shiu Yuek Yuen said, "The expression of crime can serve as a warning for viewers." Shiu Yuek Yuen pointed out that if his daring television series from 30 years ago was released today it would have been banned. He said with displeasure, "This is a hypocritical behavior, Hong Kong's film censorship is a joke."

Although the film is released today, Shiu Yuek Yuen insisted on a judicial review for the justice that he deserved. When the film was released last year around the world, it only received a IIB rating. The only exception was Hong Kong.

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