Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Michelle Wai (Si Nga), William Chan Wai Ting, Chapman To Man Jat, Krystal Tin Yui Nei
courtesy of mingpao.com

courtesy of takungpao.com

EX (CHIN DOH) actors Gillian Chung Yun Tung, William Chan Wai Ting and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) originally planned to have lunch with producer Chapman To Man Jat to celebrate his birthday yesterday, but because Ah Gil had to work, only William, Si Nga and Mani Fok Man Hei treated Ah Jat. Ah Jat brought along his wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei.

To surprise Ah Jat, co-workers first notified Ah Jat to return to the company and sign documents at noon. All the co-workers hid in the conference room. When he opened the door and heard co-workers singing Happy Birthday and presenting a cake, Ah Jat excitedly said, "I have never celebrated a birthday like this, everyone have been very thoughtful. I am very happy." As for birthday wish, Ah Jat felt that everyday has been happy and health was the most important. He stressed, "Everyone instead of giving me birthday presents can spend the money on tickets to see EX. This year I won't celebrate, wait until EX is a box office hit then I will celebrate together."

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