Monday, June 14, 2010


To Yu Hang, Rose Chan Ka Hung
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An ATV program invited THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN)'s leads To Yu Hang and Rose Chan Ka Wun to be its guests. They talked about learning Wing Chun together and their future Qinghai visit.

To Yu Hang felt happy that he was able to display years of Wing Chun in front of others. However during the shoot he worried about his dramatic scenes being not good enough, so he had certain pressure. After a year of studying martial arts, Chan Ka Wun also pointed out that as fellow disciples they already had certain chemistry. To Yu Hang stated that when she started she needed his assistance because she did not exercise much before, but now she has improved a lot. She said that the chance to turn from a model to an action actress was a rare one. Although she suffered injuries during the shoot she was fine as long as her face was unharmed. Chan Ka Wun also pointed out that the people of Qinghai after the natural disaster absolutely required consolation spiritually, thus they will visit the location.

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