Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lawrence Cheng Tang Shui, Barbara Wong Chun Chun, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai), Patrick Tang Kin Won
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The film BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) was released on the 16th. Lately Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) have been frequently promoting. Yesterday they appeared on the radio. However, some listeners heard Sit Hoi Kei's sudden expletive. Last night they attended the new film's celebration. As for the foul language, Fiona denied and clarified that she was only slurping noodles.

BREAK UP CLUB after a day in release made 645,000 at the box office. Last night Fong Cho Ming, Sit Hoi Kei, Patrick Tang Kin Won, and Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) attended a celebration. Fiona pointed out that actually they planned to dine last night a long time ago. She never expected such an opening because it ran into the World Cup. She was concerned that it would be affected. She also revealed that the director already celebrated two nights ago and even got drunk. The film company said that if the film made more than 15 million, they would have to "bungee jump". Fiona pointed out that the film originally had this scene. She had a fear of heights but if the film truly made 15 million she would close her eyes and jump. Speaking of her radio interview with Cho Ming yesterday and listeners heard her use foul language, she said, "No, actually I was having noodles. It was the slurping sound from the noodles. (But you really said it!) If I really did, it was a kind of substance. It was feces, let's not talk more about that."

Cho Ming was late because of his hair. He was very satisfied with the box office. Speaking of the bungee jump, he joked that Fiona would rather pay 15 million not to jump. When they made 2 YOUNG (JO SHOOK), she was already crying from climbing the third step. Reporters said that Fiona could hold on to him and jump. Cho Ming said, "I think she would have to hold on to the entire building to be able to." He has never jumped before because he had no motivation, which he would have this time. Would his family object? He pointed out that Mommy told him to avoid it if he could. As for Fiona's foul language, Cho Ming expressed that at the time he looked at her. He has heard Fiona's English foul language before, in particular when she was scared. however, he felt that his own reaction was a little exaggerated as well.

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