Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[2010.06.16] LIU YE FIGHTS BACK

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The Shanghai International Film Festival opened last week. Reportedly after a film party ended, a certain famous young Mainland actor was hailing for a ride when a drunk foreigner used foul language and threw a punch at him. The actor returned a punch. Speculations grew on the internet over the identity of the actor. Now the question has been answered. Liu Ye was the one who punched the foreigner back. Everyone supported Liu Ye for fighting back.

According to Liu Ye's manager, last Saturday after Liu Ye attended a film festival event and party around midnight he and several friends were hailing for a ride on the street. A foreigner was doing the same. Later they had a minor struggle. The foreigner perhaps intoxicated suddenly pointed at Liu Ye, insulted him then threw a punch at him. Liu Ye fought back. Luckily the police intervened but Liu Ye took a punch to the face. Aside from a few scratches his pants were also torn. As for Liu Ye was arrested, his manager pointed out that was false. Actually Liu Ye the next day already returned to Beijing to continue his work and called his manager at the airport with the details. His manager said, "Liu Ye is a chivalrous, I never heard about him starting anything with anyone. Yet when he is attacked, fighting back is normal."

Huang Xiaoming also showed his support online. "When you should fight you fight! Chinese people have to toughen up!" Huang Xiaoming's fans also left messages in support. Producer Huang Bin was nearby. He said that onlookers were upset about the drunk foreigner's foul language, as a man he understood Liu Ye's behavior. He wrote online, "When you should fight you fight, otherwise this world doesn't even know what moral is."

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