Monday, June 7, 2010


Ip Chun, To Yu Hang
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To Yu Hang, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Huang Yi, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Yuen Biao and others starred THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN will open at the end of June. The film has not been released yet and it already received Shanghai Film Festival nominations for Original Screenplay (Sin Kwok Lam, Lee Man); Best Actress (Huang Yi) and Best New Performer (Ip Chun, To Yu Hang).

The film tells the true origin of the martial art master of a generation. Its focus is Ip Chun guest starred in the film as Ip Man's Wing Chun master Leung Bik and demonstrated Wing Chun kung fu. Although Master Ip Chun was already 86, he was very agile in his kung fu practice. Playing Ip Man, To Yu Hang was Hong Kong's youngest wushu champion and a distant disciple of Ip Chun. He was not afraid of the audience's comparison of him with Donnie Yen Chi Tan, as he humbly expressed, "In film I am still new, I appreciate Big Brother Chi Tan for making Ip Man godlike. Yet Ip Man's descendants worry about Ip Man would become more and more distant from reality in the film, so the new film will turn Ip Man back into an ordinary person. This along with Big Brother Chi Tan's version of Ip Man together is a complete 'Ip Man'."

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