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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei reunite in their new film BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI). Their rumored relationship has again become the focus. Cho Ming and Sit Hoi Kei not only denied dating but also had different ideas about "I love you" and "break up".

Fong Cho Ming and Sit Hoi Kei after working together on the film 2 YOUNG (JO SHOOK) most recently reunite in their new film BREAK UP CLUB. For the second on screen collaboration, on and off camera they have been holding their own and fighting nonstop. Even director Barbara Wong Chun Chun also said that on the set she often heard their noisy bickering, which brought the set a pleasant and joyful atmosphere. Cho Ming said, "Working with Fiona again, I feel she has matured a lot. We have a deeper understanding of each other and are no longer robotic like robots. Our acting is much steadier." Fiona continued, "Acting improvement I feel is experience. With more movies, people have changed more and more. However he talks a lot, when he is rehearsing with others he always has to win."

In the thick of it couples would say I love you, but when feelings are no longer the same they have to say break up. Cho Ming and Fiona also said that both are hard to say. Cho Ming said, "With someone who isn't a blood relation, the first time I said I love you was when I was 18, but she said that if I wasn't serious then I shouldn't say it. From then on I no longer easily say that. If I really love a girl, I would take a bullet for her. Yet I haven't met this girl yet. As for my past romance they were all amicable breakups. Some could still be friends, and some were no longer in contact."

Fiona honestly said that she would say I love you when in love, but when breaking up she would only say "sorry". She said, "Starting to love someone isn't easy. Every relationship would be selfless. I have been in four. With former boyfriends some I would still have contact with after the break up, only one is no longer in contact." As for their rumored romance, Cho Ming and Fiona both denied it and said that their characters in BREAK are not their real life reflections. They even quoted director Wong Chun Chun, saying that if they truly were dating they would drive each other crazy with all the bickering.

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