Tuesday, June 22, 2010


courtesy of singtao.com

courtesy of takungpao.com

Juno Mak Chun Lung and Rubberband yesterday attended a stereo brand B&W award and production announcement. Juno revealed that currently he is working on an action with director Wong Ching Po, who wanted him to gain 10 to 20 pounds. Because he could not get fat no matter how much he ate, he joked if that he did not get fatter so he could only take gripe water.

As for the recent flood of kung fu films, Juno reiterated that his would not be a kung fu film but an action film about fast fighting and had a lot of dangerous action. Thus he not only had to gain weight but also train his agility. Speaking of Wong Ching Po's past mediocre box office performance, Juno expressed that they did not decide the box office. Putting their hearts into work was the most important. He honestly said that he would not arrange a role for his girlfriend because she was a model and had no intention to perform on screen. "She never did. In addition since I am already on camera, working separately may be better."

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