Sunday, June 20, 2010


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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Zhang Ziyi starred, Mainland directed Gu Changwei directed LIFE IS A MIRACLE has been in production in Beijing for almost two months. However the child actors who will play childhood Sing Sing and Zhang Ziyi have not been determined yet. Two days ago the team finally launched a recruitment to find "Little Zhang Ziyi" and "Little Aaron Kwok". In the end ten child actors from around the country gave a variety of performances for the role. Even Zhang Ziyi praised them. "They are too cute. Now the post 90s are much more talented than I was." During the process, Ziyi often whispered with Sing Sing and exchanged ideas.

In addition, Zhang Ziyi's three year ago also made a rare appearance and performed with an older partner. When asked whether she gave her niece any suggestion, Zhang Ziyi said that she only hoped for her to be able to study and interact with other children earlier than she did.

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