Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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Derek Yee Tung Sing's new film TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) will be released in July. In the film Louis Koo Tin Lok killed a criminal, whether he should be tried became a controversy. Chapman To Man Jat played another criminal who escaped successfully and hoped to kill Goo Jai to avenge his brother. In that scene, To Man Jat needed to cover Koo Tin Lok's head with a plastic bag in an attempt to suffocate him. Goo Jai almost fainted.

Ah Jat pointed out that Goo Jai was naturally super strong actor. They had a fight scene from which he was incredibly tired after he got home. That day they tried the scene many times in hopes of getting the realism without injuring everyone too much. Ah Jat said that before the shoot he never thought about Goo Jai getting hurt. Because Goo Jai Was big and taller than him, he was more intense. He hoped that the audience could feel that he truly wanted to kill him. During the shoot, Ah Jat suddenly put the plastic bag over Goo Jai's head after a bear hug. Goo Jai kept struggling and Ah Jat forcefully choked Goo Jai. Actually Goo Jai was coughing to death in the bag. Goo Jai pointed out that Ah Jat was "tiny" but he never guessed how strong he was. Goo Jai said, "He said I was naturally super strong, Ah Jat was stronger than me!" Goo Jai
understood that Ah Jat wanted realism so he did not resist in order to complete the scene.

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