Sunday, June 13, 2010


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At the invitation of the Shanghai film festival committee, the romantic film MORE THAN CLOSE (GUNG JOI JI CHAT) yesterday held a press conference. Director Cheng Hsiao-che along with actors Ming Dow, Eddie Peng Yu-yen and Renee Fan Xinyu attended and walked the star studded red carpet at night. Ming Dow expressed that in the film he played a boxer who lost his memory. He looked a little stiff. In the film he not only had very manly scenes with Peng Yu-yen but also played love hide and seek with new comer Fan Xinyu. Although this was his first collaboration with Fan Xinyu, Ming Dow expressed that they had a lot of chemistry and endless sparks during the shoot. "Fan Xinyu is very electrifying and full of electricity, making people lose their composure."

Peng Yu-yen in the film played a boxer who talks big and looks bad. Because the shoot requires constant topless training, he attracted screaming girls to look on. Amber Kuo (Kwok Choi Kit) in the film even showed her "violent" side. In order to play this character's direct personality properly, Kwok Choi Kit even deliberately cut her long hair. Peng Yu-yen liked Kwok Choi Kit's character very much. "She has a lot of good qualities. Bad boys like sassy girls, only they present a challenge."

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