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"With a shortage of money, people, and scripts, I am truly worried about the future of Hong Kong action films. However no hope doesn't mean hopeless. I hope IP MAN can drive Hong Kong action film development." Hong Kong kung fu film elder Sammo Hung Kam Bo said while talking about Hong Kong kung fu film future in New York.

The New York Asian Film Festival Star of Asia Lifetime Achievement Award winner Hung Kam Bo met with New York chinese reporters at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government economic and trade office in New York. Speaking of the success of the IP Man film series and Jackie Chan's new film THE KARATE KID's U.S. box office, Hung Kam Bo honestly said that the performance has exceeded expectation and he was happy about Hong Kong kung fu film's glorious recent performance. "During the depression for one dramatic and one action film to be so well coordinated and have decent market response it is very rare." He hoped investors, martial artists and viewers could find interest in martial art and action films anew.

Hung Kam Bo hoped that the IP MAN series success would be able to strengthen everyone's confidence in Hong Kong action film, promote Hong Kong action film development to revive Hong Kong's past action film kingdom glory. Otherwise, if investors are unwilling to invest and young people are unwilling to study martial arts, "Funding, personnel and scripts are all missing, Hong Kong action film then has no hope." Hung Kam Bo said with concern that fewer and fewer people was able to make action films in Hong Kong. "However no hope doesn't mean hopeless." He hoped that ever more people would join action films. "I hope those with hearts would participate anew and expand Hong Kong action films." Hung Kam Bo joked that he would like to make a romance the most, but no one would hire him. Even he would not dare to hire himself for a romance. He revealed that his next film was already under preparation and would still be an action film, a Hong Kong and Mainland co-production that would have an estimated 80 to 90 RMB budget and start production next March.

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