Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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The new Taiwan director Cheng Hsiao-Che written and directed, Ming Dow, Eddie Peng Yuyan, Mainland new comer Fan Xinyu starred MORE THAN CLOSE will open simultaneously on August 13 in Taiwan and the Mainland.

In the film, Fan Xinyu played boxer Ming Dow's loyal fan who not only knew his daily life like the back of her hand but also set off passionate sparks while helping him find his memory as they performed an emotional kiss scenes. About the kiss scene, Ming Dow joked that he obviously was more experienced than Fan Xinyu. As for who was a better fighter between him and Peng Yuyan, Ming Down very directly said, "In the film of course I am more amazing, I can't say in reality." Peng Yuyan in the film played a boxer who kept losing and even had to fight Ming Dow. This was also Pang Yuyan's first big screen display of his eight pack abs. His fit figure would definitely be a feast for his fans' eyes. As for his character, Peng Yuyan said, "Keep on fighting despite of losses should be the courage that young people should have, never give up, never admit defeat. This is what we all need."

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