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The New York Asian Film Festival's Star of Asia, Hong Kong film star Simon Yam Tat Wa expressed that the Mainland cinema ticket prices were too high and film distributors should consider lowering them to attract even more viewers to go to the movies. This would not only effectively fight piracy but also motivate the entire film market and the economic development around cinemas.

Yam Tat Wa pointed out that a movie in Beijing, Shanghai or other cities costs 70 to 80 yuan RMB. In Hong Kong a movie costs HK$50 to 60 in Hong Kong. In New York a movie costs around US$12. In comparison, obviously the movie ticket prices in Beijing and Shanghai were the most expensive. New York Asian Film Festival Star of Asia Yam Tat Wa when discussing the film piracy phenomenon pointed out that the prices had to do with film distributors' excessive greed. "Actually film bosses make too much money." Thus not only official market development has been limited but also piracy market has been helped. "In the past distributors wanted too much money, so pirates appeared. Now film DVD prices declined and piracy should be reduced accordingly."

Yam Tat Wa expressed, everyone knew to enjoy the fun of the movies you still had to go to the movies. Yet in Mainland China, high prices have kept many viewers at bay and forced them to watch online. "Mainland prices are too high! Actually each place should set cinema ticket and film DVD prices according to local income rate. They can't use developed nation standards in the West to set Chinese market prices." Yam Tat Wa suggested for distributors to lower Mainland cinema ticket prices according to local income standard to attract even more people. "This can not only expand the film market but also motivate the economic development around cinemas." Yam Tat Wa said that currently he would like to play a farm villager the most. "I really want to challenge the farm villager role because since childhood I have known their importance." The avid photographer even expressed that he was preparing a personal exhibition in New York.

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