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Mainland female star Huang Yi who was unveiled to be married at the end of las month recently has been rumored to be divorced. Huang Yi yesterday at a Mainland media interview finally admitted the lightning fast marriage and divorce.

Huang Yi expressed that their relationship felt like it was at its end and they agreed to the break up, which their families already accepted. As for the reason, she felt that it could be explained in one or two comments. She only said that no one was willing to reach this step. She honestly said that from the beginning she has been disturbed. She felt that she should explain to everyone. She did not say anything before because she felt that for her own life as long as she knew it was fine. With all the rumors before, she did not say who was right or wrong. After the wedding photos were unveiled, wave after wave of troubles came and many of her friends were disturbed. She hoped to bravely face this matter and this matter has already reached a step that she could not possibly ignore, thus she decided to explain.

Huang Yi pointed out that actually they had many problems. He was purely a financial person and she was an artist. Their working environment could not adjust. Sometimes he would make some request that she could not accept. Did they not have enough time to understand each other in the beginning? Huang Yi honestly said that was definite. As for the wedding photo leak, she had no idea what happened. Later when she learned that it came from the groom's side, she was very surprised because she was not ready.

Has she tried to save it? Huang Yi said, "Definitely! I want to. For a girl, if it is not the final step I would try hard to save it." She expressed that this relationship was real and she wished that it would have had a happy ending. Otherwise she would not have publicized this relationship. She admitted that during this period she had many questions that she would have to consider and evaluate anew. When the photos were leaked, she could not interrogate him why he did it. In the end she felt that she has put in an effort. This was not something good and was very damaging to her, but she still insisted on her life principles. If Huang Yi was a girl who needed to rely on others, she would not need to work so hard on acting when she started. "I have always been a very independent person, whether at home or at work."

Huang Yi expressed that they were still friends and did not need to get to the point when they hate each other. She also summed up that this relationship problem perhaps because she needed to spend more time on acting and focus on her career. In the future she will continue to work. In October she might work on Herman Yau Lai To's new film QIU JIN.

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