Sunday, June 20, 2010


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To Yu Hang, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Louis Cheung Kai Chung yesterday promoted their new film THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN), the event invited 50 Wing Chun disciples to demonstrate Wing Chun. To Yu Hang taught the audience how to practice with the wooden man. Chan Ka Wun and Cheung Kai Chung showed the audience Wing Chun poses and attracted many viewers. Yesterday after the event ended, To Yu Hang had to attend Shanghai Movie Channel Media Award ceremony because the film was not only the opening film but he was also nominated for the new comer award. Was he confident about winning? He honestly said that comparisons would be definite but he put a lot of effort into making this film and elder Ip Chun also played a role. As for Donnie Yen Chi Tan being called the best fighter in the universe, he expressed that he was a world wushu champion so was he the best fighter in the world? He said that wushu and the film industry were different. He was still new in the film industry, but Sammo Hung Kam Bo was his idol. In addition, new comer Chan Ka Wun last night also competed for the new comer award but she could not attend. Would she ask To Yu Hang to accept it on her behalf? She said that she was already very happy about the nomination because it was the only Hong Kong film in the competition. She however saw Ip Chun as the Best Supporting Actor favorite.

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