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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei yesterday attended the BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) viewer meeting. After 15 days in release (as of June 28) the box office has already reached HK$8.3 million, which they were satisfied with. Cho Ming said that elders called to congratulate him and the box office should reach 10 million. When asked he would celebrate, he said, "13 million will be the best. If it will reach 15 million then I am going bungee jumping." Fiona with her fear of heights said, "14.9 million will be fine. Actually BREAK is a small Hong Kong film, over 10 million I will already be very happy." Were they afraid that working together again would bore the audience? Fiona said, "Actually the last time I worked with Cho Ming was in 2004. We haven't even sung together on stage. Maybe the rumors made everyone feel that we were always working together." Fiona revealed that the director's persecution during the shoot. Because she and Cho Ming could not achieve the couple's feel, the director once considered halting production.

Cho Ming even revealed that the film later will be released in Taiwan and the Mainland. He will go on the promotional tour while Sit Hoi Kei probably will not be able to due to a film production.

Reportedly Taiwan star Dylan Kuo (Kwok Bun Chiu) after secretly meeting Sit Hoi Kei in Hong Kong had a "hickey" on his neck. Sit Hoi Kei laughed, "When I met him, he already had a hickey. That hickey actually was a birth mark that was originally brown. The magazine made it look red. Since it was my first collaboration with me, it was very embarrassing. In his close up shots, this birth mark could be clearly seen."

Was she very close with Kwok Bun Chiu, Cho Ming added, "Of course." Sit Hoi Kei's eyes widened and said, "Let's see if I will help you the next time you have a rumor, in particular rumors in Taiwan." Cho Ming immediately shut up. Sit Hoi Kei also said, "Earlier I went to Taiwan to make a record, I was a stranger in a strange land and didn't have any friend. Luckily he took care of me. This time when he comes to Hong Kong I will do my part as a host, daringly taking him to eat and go out."

Did Cho Ming console Sit Hoi Kei after her privacy at home was exposed? Sit Hoi Kei cut in, "He has never consoled me." Cho Ming said, I am consoling you now! I never console you because you are very strong, very tough, and very stubborn." Cho Ming did not see the photos but learned about them from friends. "Seeing other's misfortune I feel very fortunate." He also joked, "I may install reflexive windows at my home, or fill it with film posters and cardboard cut outs; but I will be more careful from now on and hire a few snipers to keep an eye out."

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