Monday, June 14, 2010


Ip Chun, Hunag Yi
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Chinese film's Media Award took place in Shanghai. THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN and YOU DESERVE TO BE SINGLE's team members participated in the Media Award ribbon cutting ceremony. As a favorite for Best Actress, Huang Yi personally stood on stage and watched THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN with reporters and jury members.

Since both are about Ip Man, THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN could not avoid comparison to Donnie Yen Chi Tan's IP MAN. Huang Yi expressed, "In other Ip Man films, Ip Man is a hero who everyone knows. THE LEGEND IS BORN IP MAN is about how Ip Man grew to become a hero, the story itself is different." Huang Yi played Ip Man's girlfriend Cheung Wing Sing.

As for the nomination, Huang Yi lightly said, "Of course I have confidence, but if an award is an encouragement I would continue to work on movies properly. Without it I still would act properly. I like to act very much and like to make movies. I hope acting can be my career for a lifetime."

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