Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG 2) will be released on July 8. In it Zhang Jingchu stood out with "painted skin" and stole the show from various comedy experts. In the trailer, Zhang Jingchu as Qiuxiang not only had demon eyes but also hung in mid air like a ghost. She even ripped off her face and showed her original form to Lam Tsz Chung to get back at him for harassing her. The film not only added suspense elements but also put a lot of thought into its action. Huang Xiaoming used a variety of brushes to transform into Wolverine in a battle against Louis Fan Siu Wong who studied the Sunflower Treasure Book until his clothes ripped from the transformation. In addition the film also had Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai)'s "Transformer Golden Vat", Nat Chan Pak Cheung's "manual windmill feet", Shaolin Temple's eighteen bronze men, Hunan bounty hunter Vulture's eagle claw. In particular Huang Xiaoming and Fan Siu Wong's fight was the most fun, like a costume version of X-MEN X PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!

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