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Lucas Tse, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi

Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Cecilia Cheung

Lucas Tse, Cecilia Cheung
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Lucas Tse, Cecilia Cheung
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Lucas Tse, Stephen Chow
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The Yuen Kin Toe directed CJ7 LOVES EARTH (CHEUNG GONG 7 HO OI DEI KAU) held an event in Shanghai. Producer Stephen Chow Sing Chi led the key voice actor Xu Jiao, screen writer Lee Man and others in the appearance. Even artist Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi brought her older son Lucas in support. Pak Chi said, "Without Sing Yeh and KING OF COMEDY, I wouldn't be here today. People have to know to pay a debt of gratitude. My first time on screen was given to Sing Yeh, so Lucas' first big screen contact is also given to Sing Yeh."

To promote CJ7 LOVES EARTH, Chow Sing Chi unveiled the film poster and the trailer. Producer Sing Yeh did not hide his love for his new film. He expressed that the new film continued his usual style and was even more fantastic than the live action version. "The script and the creativity were completely mine, not a bit was done by another's hand. My current movie not only wants to make every happy but also hopes to spread the 'love the earth' message to even more people."

The surprise for the media and film viewers alike was Pak Chi and her son Lucas' "duet" for Sing Yeh's film. Although Lucas was little, when he felt the media's questions he still was full of star power. The second half of the entire event even became Lucas' "personal press conference." He sang a song then greeted everyone with innocent kid English. "Hello, everyone. Don't say my mother fat." Sing Yeh presented him with 7 Jai, so the flash bulbs kept going on. Lucas immediately covered his eyes with 7 Jai. "Stop taking picture." When Pak Chi spoke, he even used 7 Jai as a microphone and screamed, "Don't talking." Sing Yeh and Pak Chi played his live translator when he even showed off his "alien language". Sing Yeh helplessly said, "Only his mother would understand his alien language."

Lucas and Pak Chi's "duet" was made for Sing Yeh's this film. Lucas' young child voice added a lot of childlike fun to the film. Pak Chi said, "Mama's first time was given to Chow Sing Chi so Son's first time of course is also given to him. Lucas' favorites are MJ and Lady Gaga. From the first day when I agreed to sing the theme song for Mr. Chow, dark circles appeared around my eyes. At 6AM every morning I had to practice the theme song with him. He doesn't know Mandarin so we can only learn to the music together." Will she permit his son to join the business? Pak Chi said, "Originally I wanted him to properly study, but everyday the paparazzi waited for him outside school. Since whether he is a star or not he is still the focus, I might as well let him be happy, participate in cartoon events and let him play. (Would Ting Fung support this as well?) You ask him, I am a little woman. Questions about the hubby you are better off asking the hubby." Sing Yeh explained that this time he only sang, after which he would continue his education. Pak Chi jokingly asked, "Are you my hubby?" The whole venue laughed. Lucas' appearance interrupted the event with laughter several times. Despite being carried off stage, Lucas still went on stage himself then tightly held onto Pak Chi's neck and refusing to let go.

As for the film's Zhou Xiaoqiu, Xu Jiao expressed that CJ7 let her with many beautiful memories. "It wasn't easy to play the character with my voice. I believe the animated version is even more exciting than the live action version. The environmental protection theme that the film reflects has a lot of educational value to the children now."

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