Friday, June 25, 2010


Anita Yuen Wing Yi

Josie Ho Chiu Yi
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Josie Ho Chiu Yi yesterday attended an award presentation. She spent Father's Day with her father Stanley Ho Hung Sun, who expressed that she would see her film DREAM HOME (WAI DOR LEI AH YUT HO). At first she was afraid that it would be too scary and would not let her father watch it. However many after watching thought it was fine so she was at ease. She pointed out that her father disliked war films the most. She is now planning a small romantic film that will start production in July. Earlier half sister Sabrina Ho Chiu Ying expressed an interest in film, would she ask her to guest star? She joked that if she was interested then she should not just guest star, perhaps they could form a heavy metal band. Was she afraid of upsetting their father? Chiu Yi joked that father instead would feel they were talented.

Anita Yuen Wing Yi expressed that her husband Julian Cheung Chi Lam has become much thinner because he was busy with Wong Kar Wai's new film. She said, "I don't know what Wong Kar wai told him. Now whatever he eats he has to weigh first and always work out until very late. His weight loss process seems to reach obsession level. He shrinks down day by day and I swell up day by day. I don't even know what role he is playing. When I called the film company to ask, they said it was none of my business."

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