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Christine Kuo
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Shiga Lin Si Nga yesterday with Pakho Chau, Miki Yeung Oi Kun and Monie Tung Man Lei attended a Mongkok micro movie press conference.  Earlier Wilson Chin Kwok Wai's girlfriend Calinda Chan Yuen
Wai was upset that Christine Kuo was cozying up to her boyfriend while working on his film LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2).  In order to win back his girlfriend, Chin Kwok Wai could only remove Christine Kuo's female lead identity and switch to Lin Si Nga.  Lin Si Nga clarified, "I gave in to what the people ask for, because everyone watching my performance in LAN KWAI FONG immediately asked me to make the second film."  She also said that as early as March the director was already negotiating with her company about making a movie, but at the time due to her work schedule it could not be confirmed.  She said, "Luckily the director was willing to accommodate my schedule so at the end of April I confirmed my performance.  (Will you keep your distance from Chin Kwok Wai?)  No, my relationship with him is only work.  We only chat about work."  Lin Si Nga admitted that she did not know Chan Yuen Wai or Christine Kuo.  In the film she would not have any scene with Christine Kuo.

Christine Kuo admitted yesterday that due to a scheduling conflict she was unable to make the film.  Over a week ago she and her company agreed for her to concentrate on WAR AND BEAUTY 2 (GUM JI YUK YIP 2).  She said, "When I took this role the company already said that I would be the female lead.  During the production start ceremony I have said everything, but I didn't work a single day.  I never expected people would write like that, next time I will learn to be smarter and speak up right away over anything.  (Changed to play another character?)  I absolutely wouldn't agree!  I will wait until he makes a third film before considering again."

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