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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) teams with Golden Horse Best Actor Xia Yu and Jessica C. in new Taiwan director Chang Hsun-Wei's film DOUBLE TROUBLE (BO DOH SEUNG HUNG).  This was Cho Ming's first action film.  Although he had no kung fu background, he was proud of his father for his great kung fu and making so many years of exciting action films.  When the director asked him to perform in DOUBLE TROUBLE he immediately agreed as he very much wanted a taste of an action film production.  As Mommy Joan Lin (Lam Fung Giu) was rather nervous about her son in an action film.  In order to keep her calm, Jackie Chan sent a group of Jackie Chan Stuntman Association members to watch Cho Ming and assist with the production.

Cho Ming in the process not only humbly learned from the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association but also performed with an effort.  Even though the production prepared a double for him he still would rather personally perform the stunts.  Xia Yu also praised his professionalism.  He also "risked his life" with Cho Ming in their performance.  Cho Ming admitted that during the shoot he often bruised his arms and legs.  Luckily he had the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association's elders for guidance.  In one scene he and Jessica C. had a chase on top of a bus and almost lost his life.  Cho Ming pointed out in that scene he jumped from eight floors above and never thought that this fight scene on top of a vehicle would take 8 jumps before completion.  Once he even fell from the top of the vehicle to the ground and almost got a concussion.  That day he was bruised all over.  After this scene he could relate to his father's years in action film and was truly convinced.  Did Cho Ming want to follow his father's action comedy route?  Cho Ming said that his father's action scenes shot the dramatic and action scenes together.  The fight scenes would have a lot of comedy, but now action scenes were all shot separately.  On the spot additions of comedy was very hard.  He this time had to revive his father's action comedy formula, which was truly very interesting.

Jackie Chan recently at the Cannes Film Festival also praised Cho Ming's DOUBLE TROUBLE performance.  He even joked that under his wife's orders he had to hard sell their son.  Jessica C. like Cho Ming did not use a double and personally performed her stunts.  For her first action film she was very nervous.  Before the shoot she trained with the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association for awhile.  Luckily she was used to exercising so physically she was able to handle it.  Yet the day of the chase on top of the bus was truly a little thrilling.  The Jackie Chan Stuntman Association stood guard on both sides of the bus.  She almost fell.  Luckily Cho Ming was fast enough to pull her in, but finally he was the one who fell.

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