Tuesday, May 29, 2012


courtesy of mingpao.com

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming and Rachel Lee Lai Chun worked together on the film KISS ME GOODBYE (LUEN OI GWAI JI), which was also Wong Yiu Ming's first film.  26 years ago this aesthetic romance is
still fresh in the minds of many.  Earlier they ran into each other by chance, Wong Yiu Ming even posted the photo with Lee Lai Chun and the film's director Calvin Poon Yuen Leung online.  Poon Yuen Leung and Lee Lai Chun are now a couple.  Although they are much more mature than back then, the memory remains valuable.

Poon Yuen Leung on a Radio Hong Kong program interview mentioned that when he made the film, it was
like a break up scene that would never end and left an exceptionally deep impression with the audience.

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