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Joseph Cheng Yuen Cheung, Michelle Chen, and director Zero Chou Mei Ling on the 18th began their third day of promote for their film FA YEUNG (RIPPLE).  Aside from continuing the all day media interview relay, Siu Chung and Michelle Chen at night were invited to attend the Thai Film Night and met with the SUMMER SECRET lead actress who was known as Thai Lin Chiling.  In addition, famous Thai directors and producers said Siu Chung and Michelle Chen to work with them.  They were even invited to pose for pictures with guests and caught the attention of the entire event.

Michelle Chen's on screen old flame Chen Han-Tien also arrived at Cannes on the 18th.  Originally he was scheduled to attend the Taiwan French film committee party and was absent at the last night.  The media said that he was too weak.  Instead Siu Chung and Michelle Chen continued their marathon promotion and were still full of energy.  Michelle Chen said that last year she originally had a chance to attend the Cannes Film Festival, but because Chen Han-Tien's schedule conflict she had to cancel.  She even joked that this time she came to Cannes to throw rocks at Chen Han-Tien to air her grievance from not being able to attend last year.  When asked to choose between Chen Han-Tien and Siu Chung, Michelle Chen said without hesitation, "Of course Siu Chung!"

Siu Chung and Michelle Chen both wore white.  Their prince and princess look attracted many onlookers.  When they posed for photos on the streets, they looked like they were shooting wedding photos.  Siu Chung  even reminded the photographers, "You don't need to deliberately avoid pedestrians, it's fine, this way has  the Cannes street feel."  He even joked, that if the wedding photos were shot in Cannes they would definitely feel great!

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