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Linah Matsuoka, Liu Yuqi, Wilson Chin, Shiga Lin, Angelina Cheung

Lavina Chung
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Sammy Shum

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LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2)'s cast including Shiga Lin Si Nga, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, Mia Chen Jing Yi, Avis Chan Wai Sing, Linah Matsuoka, Sammy Shum Chun Hin, Liu Yuqi, Sita Chan Hei Yi, Jaime Fong Ka Yau and others two nights ago shot on location at a certain Sha Tin hotel pool party.  The ladies appeared in swimsuits.

Kwan Chor Yiu and Lin Si Nga played a couple in the film.  They had many intimate scenes together in the park, on the tram, on the street and in the bathroom.  Lin Si Nga said that during the shoot they had chemistry.  On their first day they already shot a kiss scene.  Lin Si Nga said, "Everyone felt embarrassed with the kiss scene and didn't kiss too naturally.  After looking at the Playback, we felt that we had to fall for each other to be able to achieve the natural feeling."  Kwan Chor Yiu said that he learned on the new film that bed scene required great experience as well.  Kwan Chor Yiu said, "I already felt electrified with her.  I believed that the bathroom intimacy scene later will be our most passionate performance yet."  Kwan Chor Yiu said that he did his homework and watched Lin Si Nga's music videos in hopes of being more in character.

Ma Model Mia and Chrissie Chau Sau Na's boyfriend Avis played another rather passionate couple.  They revealed that in the film they had the most passion scenes.  Avis said, "At first I realized that actually our lips weren't too compatible, we had to go through several shoots before we were able to compromise."  Avis said that before the shoot he already mentioned to girlfriend Chau Sau Na about the need for intimate scenes.  He said, "I mentioned it, but I didn't go too deep into it.  Because she was so busy, she didn't have time to listen to me say too much."  Mia said that because she was so nervous she had to drink for courage first.  Several scenes in the film were rather passionate.  Mia said, "We had many poses, I believed the audience's eyes would pop out."  Would working together deepen their gossip?  Mia said, "He isn't worried, I am not worried either."  Avis said, "In the film we are a couple!"

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