Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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The Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Vincent Kok Tak Siu directed new film NAM YUN YU YI FOK (MEN ARE LIKE CLOTHES) yesterday held a production start ceremony in Wong Chuk Hang.  Attending actors included Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Raymond Lam Fung and Karena Ng Chin Yu.

Hung Doi Lam was caught with a 3 karat diamond ring from boyfriend Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and would allegedly register their marriage in Australia this year.  Lynn at first practiced Tai Chi and said, "In these few years I have been married many times."  When asked about the August wedding, Lynn said, "It will not be so soon but it will not be as long as four years.  It won't be in this year.  I still have a lot of work, you should ask him!"  Has her boyfriend already proposed?  Lynn thought for awhile and said, "When I get married I definitely will tell everyone."  As for the ring, Lynn responded, "How do you know it's three karat, you can tell just from looking?  It's from him, every girl likes rings."  Was it an engagement ring?  Lynn stressed, "Until the final day I still don't know whether I will get married, wait until I do.  If anything changes I really won't know what to do."

Lynn revealed that after completing this film she still has a lot of work, but she will take more time to spend with her family.  Was it as reported that because her father had cancer they had to wed for good luck?  Lynn said that she would not publicly discuss her family's health and would not use her own happiness as a tool for luck.  Lynn received the media's advanced marriage well wishes.  She could not hide her joy and said, "Wish me finding my clothes sooner and I can wear it comfortably for a lifetime."

Cheng Chung Kei said that later he will work in the Mainland, he perhaps will be apart from his daughter and wife for awhile.  He said, "I feel a little reluctant, but I can't bring them to work either.  I can only finish work as soon as possible and come back."  Cheng Chung Kei said, they only went out for a simple meal on Mother's Day and hoped that this year he will be able to return to Hong Kong for his first Father's Day.  Lam Fung at the event received six pairs of underwear from Lynn.  He said, "Once due to the heat the disposable underwear melted and only the edges were left.  I believe later when we will shoot in Zhejiang I will need 60 pairs, because it's very hot there."

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