Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Charlie Yeung Choi Nei earlier appeared on a TVB Entertainment News channel exclusive interview to talk in detail about their new film FLOATING CITY (FAU SING).  Aaron and Charlie after the film AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) played a couple again in the new film FLOATING CITY.  This time they had to play from age 20 to 60.  Charlie thought that playing an old couple was particularly fun because she has not yet experienced that in her life.  She was able to project a lot of imagination into the character.   Aaron pointed out that this time he would not have old make up and would only through his looks and the complexity inside to express his emotions.  Charlie revealed that in the film he played a boat person.  He not only had to learn Tanka but also had to have a dark tan.  Because they spent a lot of time on the boat, they rarely had hair care habit.  For her character, she had extensions on her soft short hair.  Aaron joked that her hair was very fluffy.

The always cool Aaron also dropped his image for the new film as he performed without make up.  Due to the sun, after the shoot he was surprised to find that his skin was worse and his face had several more wrinkles.  Playing a man whose birth parents' whereabouts were unknown and was raised by his adopted mother, he said that he not only experienced how adopted mother was greater than birth mother but also cherished everyone around him more.

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