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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi earlier celebrated her 32nd birthday in Cannes, France and accepted Cable Entertainment News interview.  The anchor even gave a 3D handbag shaped chocolate to her much to her surprise.  As for her birthday wish, Pak Chi said that health was the most important because she was afraid that when she was sick she would not have the strength to take care of her sons.  She even said, "Having to both work and take care of my children seems very tough on the surface, actually I enjoy it very much."

After seven years away from the Cannes Film Festival, Pak Chi excitedly said that she was the happiest to see the glittering cruise ships at night.  Actually Pak Chi's older son Lucas has fallen madly in love with the film TITANIC.  She and he in a month watched the 3D version seven times, but would the child understand the story?  Pak Chi said, "He remembered every character and detail in the movie and even understood all the romance and the moving parts of the film."  Before heading to Cannes Pak Chi took Lucas to watch TITANIC to the movies one more time.  Lucas even said to Pak Chi that he really wanted to ride on the Titanic.  In order to satisfy her son, Pak Chi even took him to the Tai Kok Tsui and said that the docked cruise ships were Titanic; she even encouraged Lucas to be good.  When he saved up even "stamps" he could buy a ticket on the Titanic.  She said, "Seeing all the lights glittering along the coast of Cannes, it really resembled the cruise ship in TITANIC.  So I immediately took a photo to show Lucas when I return to Hong Kong.  He definitely will be very happy to see it."

Pak Chi even said that she would ease her bad mood through piano playing, because when she played she would forget everything.  Now she could not write a song with the piano.  Because her sons would jump on her knees when she played and messed around, all her inspiration was blasted away.  Because she and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung are officially divorced, many fans wished that she would fall in love.  She said, "I am in love with Lucas and Quintus, I don't even have enough time to date them!"

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